Dave Wiers Senior Managing Director – Energy Sales


Satori Energy was acquired by Priority Power in 2021.  David C. Wiers has almost 20 years of experience in creating and delivering innovative solutions in the energy industry. Mr. Wiers has participated in deregulated markets from their inception and has shared his expertise at numerous conferences and forums, advocating electricity deregulation and representing third-party aggregator, broker, and consultant (ABC) channels. Wiers founded Satori Energy in 2003, which has now served over 50,000 accounts and has secured more than $140 Million in energy savings for its clients. In late 2011, Mr. Wiers assisted in the due diligence and purchase of Select Energy Partners (SEP). Mr. Wiers has led the strategic vision of the firm as Satori has continued its pattern of targeted growth through the acquisitions of Public Utility Brokers (September 2014), GOBY LLC's procurement business (December 2014), Velocity Energy Group (January 2015), EnergyNext, Inc. (April 2015), WTX Power (August 2015), and InSource Power (October 2015). Satori evolved to new heights and was recognized as a leader in the deregulated energy industry by the two most highly regarded independent surveys. Satori was awarded “Broker of the Year” by The Electricity Professionals Association in 2015 & 2017 and was ranked #1 in overall supplier satisfaction by Energy Research Consulting Group in 2015, 2016, & 2017.  Satori has continued to innovate in the energy industry and acquired Best Power Choice and Energy Choices in 2017.

Senior Managing Director – Energy Sales