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By leveraging our deep experience and resources, combined with unsurpassed commitment, Priority delivers financial and operational improvements to our clients as their trusted energy advisor.

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Energy Infrastructure

We build energy infrastructure to help our clients obtain efficient, reliable and lower-cost energy. Priority Power develops, engineers, procures, constructs, owns and operates critical energy infrastructure assets such as private transmission and distribution networks, on-site electric generation and substations and primary metering equipment. Building private energy infrastructure helps our clients reduce their reliance on fossil fuel sources of energy and begin the process of decarbonizing their operations.
Energy Infrastructure Services
Sustainable Energy Infrastructure Projects In Progress
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We Are Building The Future of Energy

Highly Scalable + Uniquely Focused on Economic Benefits + Reducing GHG Emissions​
Priority leverages its proprietary needs assessment process enabling customers to decide on the optimal private infrastructure solution, including both traditional energy and renewables. Priority acts as its client's in-house energy division by managing the entire engineering, procurement, and construction process on behalf of the customer. Either before, or after the asset is constructed, Priority can offer to lease back the asset to the customer, allowing the customer to reallocate capital to core business functions.

Your Energy Infrastructure Experts

We Strategize

Companies ESG goals and objectives, optimizing energy usage while unlocking your organization’s demand response potential. From evaluating payback on investments to assessing the impact of operational changes.

We Advise

Clients on the procurement of power, and gas. Enabling growth and reliability by creating the proper competitive environment and accurately comparing competing offers that are critical to energy procurement.

We Develop

Energy Strategies, Infrastructure engineering and construction management. Developing a private energy infrastructure enhances your company's sustainability and directly benefits a leading expense, your energy cost.

We Own

Private transmission networks and solar generation to provide the most efficient and reliable energy strategy for your company. Advising clients with a strategy that combats the extreme cost volatility in the energy industry.