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By leveraging our deep experience and resources, combined with unsurpassed commitment, Priority delivers financial and operational improvements to our clients as their trusted energy advisor.

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headshot of Jay Ten Eyck
Sr. Energy Consultant

Jay Ten Eyck

Jay Ten Eyck is a distinguished Senior Energy Consultant at Priority Power, operating from the Dallas, Texas office. With a seasoned background and specialized expertise, Jay's primary focus revolves around Electricity and Natural Gas procurement across multiple regions, including the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) and all other deregulated states. Having spent years in the energy sector, Jay has honed his skills in navigating the intricacies of the deregulated energy markets. His comprehensive understanding and strategic approach to energy procurement allow him to offer tailored and effective solutions to a diverse array of clients. With a deep-rooted knowledge of ERCOT and extensive experience across various deregulated states, Jay Ten Eyck plays a pivotal role in providing guidance and support to clients looking to optimize their energy strategies. His insights into these dynamic and diverse markets empower clients to make informed decisions in a complex landscape. Jay's dedication to staying at the forefront of industry changes, combined with a commitment to delivering results, has made him a trusted advisor in the energy procurement domain. His proficiency in understanding the unique challenges and opportunities presented by different deregulated states enables him to offer strategic advice and create customized plans that align with each client's specific needs and goals. By leveraging his expertise in Electricity and Natural Gas procurement, Jay Ten Eyck plays a crucial role in assisting clients in optimizing their energy portfolios, ensuring cost-efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. His commitment to delivering unparalleled service and his in-depth knowledge of energy markets position him as a key asset in Priority Power's mission to provide exceptional and customized energy solutions.