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By leveraging our deep experience and resources, combined with unsurpassed commitment, Priority delivers financial and operational improvements to our clients as their trusted energy advisor.

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Getting to Know the Grid

The North American electric grid is an immense feat of engineering and often referred to as the largest and most complex machine in the world. When we discuss ‘the grid’ we are typically referring to the entire system in the

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The High Cost of Heatwaves

As temperatures continue to climb across the country this summer, the heat is certain to again wreak havoc on the electric grid. Every part of our aging infrastructure experiences immense strain when the mercury rises, and we all pay the

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How the Federal Solar Tax Credit Works

With solar prices falling and a key federal tax credit ramping down, commercial and industrial businesses are increasingly considering adding solar panels to their facilities. One of the top incentives for building solar facilities — the federal investment tax credit,

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