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Understanding the Influence of Natural Gas and Capacity Markets on Energy Costs

The energy landscape has undergone significant changes over the past decade, particularly with the rise of natural gas as a preferred fuel source for electricity generation. Stricter air pollution standards, the advent of more efficient natural gas power plants, and advancements in natural gas drilling methods, such as fracking, have all contributed to its prominence.

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graphics showing gears working for energy efficiency

Understanding Power Factor and its Impact on Your Energy Efficiency

Electricity consumption efficiency is not just about reducing usage; it’s also about how effectively you’re using the power that’s delivered to you. This is where ‘power factor’ comes into play. An ideal power factor is 1 or 100%, indicating maximum efficiency. Power factor is the ratio between kW (kilowatts – the actual load) and kVA (kilovolt-amps – the apparent load or what is delivered to your location before consumption).

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wind energy and data analytics

Maximizing Value in Competitive Energy Markets

Critics of competitive energy markets often cite average price as the sole metric of their efficacy. However, a range of indirect factors offers a clearer insight into the true value these markets provide. Competitive energy markets empower businesses with the autonomy to tailor their energy procurement to their strategic plans. Companies can lock in energy prices for the future, select their level of price risk exposure, and enjoy the financial benefits of efficient operational practices.

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