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Continuum Powders Creates Energy Partnerships With Priority Power and AirGas

Continuum is contracting to secure some of the industry’s greenest sources for power and argon gas. When the entire combination of the new renewable energy sources are added with its proprietary process, the company anticipates a total energy consumption of nearly zero.

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Continuum Powders, a provider of sustainable metal powder, has signed contracts with Priority Power and AirGas to help lead the industry in renewable energy commitments. Combining these renewable energy partners with Continuum’s 100% recycled metals process is designed to create an unmatched, lowest carbon-intensity powder platform in the industry.

Continuum Powders says it is the most sustainable powder supplier in the industry, but these new agreements will increase the level of decarbonization and continue to push the boundaries of what powder suppliers should aim to achieve in the market. Priority Power will provide Continuum Powders with 100% renewable electricity from hydropower. This renewable electricity will consume roughly 1/1000th of the kWh energy (1,700 kWh/kg to 17 kWh/kg) of another company using the traditional grid provider for electricity.

AirGas is also now under contract with the company and will be providing argon gas that is certified to be made with 99.8% renewable green energy. This step not only continues to highlight the sustainability commitment from Continuum Powders but will further reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

When the entire combination of the new renewable energy sources are added with the proprietary process from Continuum Powders, the company anticipates a total energy consumption of nearly zero. The company says this makes them a leading force in sustainable metal powders and a prime example for decarbonization in action.

“It’s one thing to claim to be ‘green’ or use green energy,” says Phil Ward, Continuum Powders CEO. “It’s a completely different thing to actually commit to the movement and offer customers a viable and truly transparent, sustainable offering that has a real and definable impact on their own sustainability and decarbonization projects. Continuum Powders is the only metal powders company today that is actively reducing its carbon footprint in every step of the supply chain as a goal to reach net zero carbon intensity.”

Founded in 2015 as Molyworks, Continuum Powders is a sustainable metal recycling company, with locations across the United States and in Singapore. Creator of The Greyhound, a patented compact foundry for metal manufacturing, The Greyhound eliminates reliance on external supply chains, and enables customized, controlled and internal circularity, unique to each manufacturer’s needs. Continuum deploys Greyhound technology globally to produce a wide variety of metal powders locally.