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How President Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Would Impact Electric Transmission, Solar, and Wind.

President Biden proposes to spend more money on clean energy than any other administration in US history through his infrastructure plan. Should the plan win passage as it stands now, businesses and utilities will be able to better employ tax incentives for clean energy. It would also give rise to a more abundant supply of renewable energy with increased transmission to move electricity from large wind and solar farms to population centers.

The goal of the $2.3 trillion American Jobs Plan aims to modernize the US electric grid and expand existing infrastructure to combat climate change, create jobs and increase nationwide access to reliable power.

The plan offers significant support for high-voltage electricity transmission and renewable energy. 

The administration has identified 22 major transmission projects that will create 600,000 jobs in the expansion and improvement of the nation’s electrical grid. With a large and more reliable high-voltage infrastructure, the proposal is expected to create an additional 640,000 jobs for the development and generation of new clean energy.